In case of emergency, please call triple zero (000)


Whether you’re curious about mental health, looking for advice on healthy habits, or just want to know more about healthcare services, we’ve got you covered.


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Introduction Medicare is Australia’s public health insurance scheme. That means that if you are enrolled in Medicare or on your parent/guardians Medicare card, the government

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Regional or Remote Services

Introduction Health services in regional and remote NSW: If you live in a regional area, there might be challenges to accessing doctors and health services.

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Services for Young People in NSW

Introduction Navigating through youth can present a whirlpool of health concerns and queries. In New South Wales, a range of services are available to guide

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Visiting the Doctor

Introduction You might have some questions about visiting a doctor. What do I need to bring? Which doctor or health service can I go to?

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Your Rights at the Doctor

Introduction When visiting  a doctor you should feel safe and respected. Your doctor should be someone you can talk to and trust. When you decide to

Need emergency assistance?

As the peak body for young people and youth services in NSW, Youth Action does not provide direct referrals to support services. If you are in distress or require urgent assistance, the following support lines are available.

If there’s immediate risk of harm to yourself or other, please call:

Lifeline: 13 11 14 (Crisis & Suicide prevention support 24/7)

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 (Mental health support 24/7) 

Link2Home: 1800 152 152 (For those experiencing homelessness 24/7)

Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 (24/7)

ParentLine: 1300 1300 52 (9am to 9pm weekdays, 4pm to 9pm weekends)