In case of emergency, please call triple zero (000)

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Whether you’re curious about mental health, looking for advice on healthy habits, or just want to know more about healthcare services, we’ve got you covered.


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Young parent
Young Parents

Image of a young parent is provided by the Brave Foundation Introduction Parenting has its ups and downs. Being a young parent can have its

Two individuals are seen from the back, draped in flags representing different cultural heritages, walking through a park where various other people are sitting and enjoying the day. The person on the left is wearing a Torres Strait Islander flag, while the person on the right is wrapped in an Aboriginal flag. The scene is casual and appears to be during a public event or gathering
Aboriginal health support

Introduction You should always feel safe and supported when visiting a health service or health professional. Here we have aboriginal health support information on where

Close-up of two hands holding cocktails with straws in a social setting, with a dimly lit ambiance suggesting a bar or nightclub atmosphere. The focus on the drinks and hands implies a relaxed and enjoyable moment among friends

Introduction Embarking on the journey to understand alcohol entails not only the curiosity to learn but also the responsibility to be aware of its effects

A wooden toy ambulance with simple, colorful details is placed against a vibrant pink and turquoise background. The toy features the iconic white body with red stripes and a blue star, representing an ambulance in a playful and child-friendly manner
Calling Triple Zero (000)

Introduction Calling triple zero (000) can save someone’s life – the emergency services are there to help when someone is seriously unwell, injured or their

In a sunlit setting, a healthcare provider in a white coat is writing on a clipboard while conversing with a patient. The patient is sitting with hands clasped together, suggesting a dialogue or consultation is taking place. The bright, natural light and greenery in the background create a calming atmosphere for the medical consultation.
Chronic Illness

Introduction Seeking support for managing a chronic illness or health condition helps maintain your long-term health. You are the expert in how your condition affects

A couple is lying down in a cozy embrace, illuminated by the soft glow of string lights, with a laptop showing Netflix in the background. A romantic setting is enhanced by a bottle of wine, a glass, and candles, creating an intimate atmosphere for a movie night.

Introduction Understanding and practicing consent is a fundamental aspect of engaging in respectful and safe interactions with others. By educating yourself about consent, individuals are

A joyful young man with dreadlocks wearing a beanie and denim jacket is smiling at the camera. He has earphones in and is carrying a messenger bag, suggesting he's enjoying music while out and about. The background is a busy city street scene with soft focus, highlighting the subject's happy demeanor in an urban setting
Ears and Hearing

Introduction Noticing changes in your ears and hearing can be concerning. This topic delves into various aspects of hearing changes, what they could signify, and

The bold red lettering of the word 'EMERGENCY' is prominently displayed on the facade of a modern hospital building. The letters are mounted on an overhang above the entrance, with a clear blue sky in the background and part of the building's brick and glass exterior visible
Emergency Department

Introduction The Emergency Department is a crucial part of a healthcare facility, providing immediate care to those with serious or life-threatening conditions. This topic guides

A young woman with glasses and her hair up is holding a camera, standing on a wooden path in a park at sunset. The warm light of the setting sun highlights her profile and the surrounding trees, creating a serene atmosphere. Her thoughtful expression suggests she is searching for the perfect shot or reflecting on a recent capture
Eyes and Eyesight

Introduction Eyesight is a vital aspect of our daily interactions and experiences. This topic delves into various parts surrounding eye health and vision care. Whether

Need emergency assistance?

As the peak body for young people and youth services in NSW, Youth Action does not provide direct referrals to support services. If you are in distress or require urgent assistance, the following support lines are available.

If there’s immediate risk of harm to yourself or other, please call:

Lifeline: 13 11 14 (Crisis & Suicide prevention support 24/7)

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 (Mental health support 24/7) 

Link2Home: 1800 152 152 (For those experiencing homelessness 24/7)

Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 (24/7)

ParentLine: 1300 1300 52 (9am to 9pm weekdays, 4pm to 9pm weekends)